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LVP stands for Leather, Vinyl and Plastics it’s designed to be able to clean out your plastics, your vinyls and leathers safely for the interior and the exterior of your vehicle without having to have any harsh chemicals that are going to damage it.  It is going to leave a nice shine and be able to remove some of those tough stains and some of those tough problems that are stuck to your leather, plastics and vinyl.  Whether or not you have your dirt marks or you have some different stains that are tough to remove. LVP is perfect for this. You can dilute it for your heavy stuff for your spot cleaning four-to-one ratio on your gallons we have here.  Or for mild to moderate cleaning you want to go about ten to one which is what I’ve done here. Because really a lot of times you don’t have those heavy stains or those heavy things that you need to clean off.  So ten to one is actually real good for maintaining and making sure that material is safe. You want to take and spray one towel outside of the vehicle You want to get it nice and evenly wet if you can avoid spraying it directly inside your vehicle the better that way you don’t get products overlapping each other that have different purposes and be sure you get everything cleaned up so now the product is nice and damp.


Take your dirt cleaning towel and wipe it up. easy clean up here.  Take a clean towel wipe off any extra residue that might be on there. Like all 3D products, a little goes a long way. So go ahead and get the plastics that that you have Now if you have to get into some of these tighter areas like you see on this Explorer sign here a simple fix for that is you can take one of  our stiffer paintbrush style brushes here.


Take the diluted LVP and spray it into the affected area.  Let it set for a quick second.  Allow the product to work. You can take and lightly scrub it out. Take your damp, dirty rag. wipe out the excess Take a clean brush Clean out any of the left over sediment that is in there.


Go ahead and dry it with the other towel. and make sure you take here damp rag and wipe the rest the remaining area so that you have an even consistency of  cleanliness on your door panels and plastics that you have already done your work on.   It’s ideal for all the doors as well.


So go ahead and make sure again that you get your towel, get you cleaning towel nice and damp. go ahead and wipe it down and then dry it off.  Ok now for these control panels and things for like the dash. You want to avoid spraying it directly because you have electronics in here so what i prefer that you do you take a brush like we had earlier where they’ll be a soft bristle brush or hard bristle brush depending on the quality of the product you will be cleaning go ahead and spray away from the vehicle get it nice and wet then you could take clean out these areas with the brush without getting it too over saturated and take your soft flog brush get any of the excess out there get in there nice and clean with a product that diluted 10 – 1 is very safe.


Take your towel and wipe it out. Your soft flog brush, dry it off. Make sure you got everything out of there that you needed too. There you go! So, for all those Cheetos fingers that are out there rolling up and down their windows we can make sure our we get the car nice and clean for them. OK, now if you want to do a little more of a detail, take a credit card or a business card put it in. pinch it inside the towel. fold it over. So that you have some edges here then follow along. And go around these areas here. Go around these edges here – Make sure you get any excess chemical out. We’re down with LVP.


  • Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner
  • Works great on synthetic leather
  • Perfect for auto, home, and industrial use
  • Restores old drums & plexiglass to original look
  • Marine safe
  • Interior and exterior use
  • UV Filter



3D Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner (LVP) is an environmentally friendly cleaner designed to safely remove soiling from a multitude of components found in cars, boats, aircraft and RVs. Not only does this special cleaner work wonders performing general cleaning duties, it also safely and deeply cleans delicate leather and plastic finishes that most cleaners would end up destroying. But let’s not just limit this product’s cleaning ability because it’s safe for leather. It can also effectively clean all hard interior surfaces such as dash boards, door panels, center consoles as well as polycarbonate plastic.


Many people are not aware that most production leather, vinyl & plastic interior components are topically treated with special UV inhibitors designed to make them unsusceptible to premature wear and tear. Please be advised that many cleaners on the market today function by using highly alkaline chemical components that basically clean by brute force. This ends up reducing the life span of these gentle interior components by stripping them of their UV coating and ultimately drying them out. The main attribute that separates LVP from other cleaners is the way that special surfactants gently emulsify dirt and grime without stripping the surface of its natural color or finish. Rest assured knowing that the surface you’re cleaning will not be threatened when using this cleaner. After use, you’ll immediately notice how clean and vibrant the surface looks because of the unique technology LVP contains.


3D LVP is one of leading cleaners in the boat detailing industry where professionals rely on its cleaning power to cut through oily deposits that most boat interiors are constantly being attacked by. A real favorite in the yachting and cruise ship industry because it can safely remove greasy remnants left by suntan oil users and other environmental residue that covers these boats afloat in the water. While your sunbathers are lathering themselves up with a greasy tanning lotion you can be confident knowing that 3D LVP will get rid of these undesirable deposits. It is also recommended for cabin use too, by cleaning trim paneling and seating surfaces with ease.

With a new trend of Plexiglas & Lexan that is being used on race cars, boating & household accessories, it is not recommended that you clean them with just any cleaner. This could eventually cause the surface to turn matt and white, rather than remain clear. 3D LVP is safe to use on all these expensive polycarbonate surfaces. And also know that with the gentle surfactant chemistry that is in LVP, you’ll not have the added fear of this product causing unwanted scratches or marring.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 11 in

24 oz, 1 Gallon, 4 Pack


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